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Consolidation of Financial Statements

Parent companies of Capital Groups obliged to prepare consolidated financial statements which do not have appropriate qualified personnel can rely on our assistance in the consolidation process. PBR Audit can perform the complete preparation of consolidated statements and documentation, or solely supervise this process. PBR Audit can also train personnel to perform future consolidation work.

Due Diligence Assistance

For those clients looking to make investments in Poland, PBR AUDIT provides a complete and in depth due diligence service. We can provide as complex a review as required, and tailor our review to each client’s needs.

IFRS Implementation

For those clients obliged to prepare financial statements consistent with IFRS, PBR AUDIT performs identification of areas which require changes within valuation and presentation. Furthermore, in collaboration with our client we prepare model IFRS compliant financial statements. Our solutions allow our clients complete implementation of IFRS or solely preparation of optional financial statements consistent with IFRS.

Our client portfolio constitutes small and medium sized companies from different sectors of the economy including:

  • developer activity and property management

  • building chemistry-building services in the field of air conditioning and ventilation

  • electric tools (power tools)

  • IT solutions for hotel and gastronomic chains

  • glass optics.

Our Partners have also cooperated with firms within the following sectors:

  • building

  • consulting services

  • spirits-telecom

  • publishing

  • general commerce.

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